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Shared Workspaces across the city

Members have Access to every office space in Delhi/NCR with High speed Wifi, Tea/Coffee and Metting room access.

Membership Benefits

High-speed Wifi
Quite Environment
Extended and Weekend Hours
Office Supplies

A Flexible way to work

For Remote workers and creatives

Working remotely or freelancing doesn't mean working only from home, use QuickU Workspaces to increase your productivity and spark your creativity by going to different spaces and meeting new people.

For Startups

Being in a startup means you need a flixible office space where you and your team can meet and work, whenever its required.

For Office Goers 

You can save your time by not commuting to office but working from a near by QuickU workspace. Use QuickU Workspaces as alternative office space for working between meetings.


Three types of Workspaces



These spaces our most inspiring, they have everything you need at your workplace and they are cost effective too. You would spend 99 credits per day.



These are beatutiful spaces, build very well, with all eminities and more. You would spend 159 credits per day.



These are premium workspaces, located at beautiful places, You would love to work from there!  You would spend 259

How It works


Buy a Subscription

Choose a plan best suited for you or Get 3 days free on us. Yoy will get QuickU credits based on the plan.


Walk into a space

Find a spaces on our website and walk into one suits you. Yoy can choose value, Standard or Premium workspace as per you prefrence


Get to Work

Take a Seat, connect to Wifi, network with people and enjoy working. Credits will be deducted from account.


₹  249 *
  • This is perfect for people to test the service for some more days after trial
  • ₹199 credits 
  • 2 days access**
  • Valid for 1 year


₹ 1249 *
  • Sometimes work from home, sometimes work from QuickU Space Grid
  • ₹999 credits 
  • 10 days access**
  • 2 hours of meeting room
  • Vaid for 6 months

My Office

₹ 2459 *
  • Use QuickU Space Grid as your Own office, use office adress on your website, buisness card.
  • ₹2178 credits
  • 22 days access**
  • 5 hours of meeting room
  • Use office address 
  • Valid for 2 months


It is  very convenient and flexible to use, traditiional co working spaces looks like old concept.

I find it really cool, I pay onlu for days I visit. Spaces are also beautiful and convenient to use. 

I work from different spaces and meet new pepople, it helps me to be more creative.